The Wedding Menu EvenTips

December 8, 2019

Remember yourself as a guest in a wedding. Which wedding comes up? What is that made it memorable? I am sure that the answer is involved in the words, food, music, happy couple.

Have in mind, when it comes to your wedding day you are not only the married couple you are the hosts. And, chances are, this might be the largest party you will ever be troughing. You should treat your guests like when having people coming over for dinner. You welcome them with a drink, you prepare nice food and make them feel special. Well that’s the case for your wedding day with some more extra photos and dancing.

Here are some EVENTIPS that will assist you on deciding on the wedding menu:

1. Exclude all foods you don’t want to serve your guests. This will limit your list more than enough to start choosing.

2. Choose if you are having a buffet menu or an ala carte menu. They are two totally different concept ideas and deciding on that will limit your food listing.

3. From guests with allergies, gluten sensitivities, to vegan or other dietary restrictions, when planning a wedding menu, it’s not only thoughtful but practical to plan for those needs. Special attention should also be given to the children of the guests, and we always suggest that if the number of children is more than 15-20 to plan a small children buffet in their favor.

4. Make sure your selection of food varies. For example, if you choose meat as your main course do not choose only beef. Add chicken or pork to cover most tastes.

5. Do not go for a specific taste. For example, if you are not sure that all guest love spicy food, or Chinese food or Mexican food or any other special flavor dismiss that choice. Keep things simple.

6. If you are not hiring a wedding planner, you should taste the food yourself. Sometimes food may be totally different from what it sounds. I will give you a hint to think about. Chicken Cacciatore. 

7. Make sure you have all the menu written down and make sure you are aware who is in charge in case any problems appear.

8. To close, one of the most important element that will determine the success of the wedding menu selection will be your budget. As you understand, the menu is determined by the amount of money you are willing to pay.

These where some of the important tips from us on selecting your wedding menu. We hope all your guests taste great flavors that will remember for a lot of time after your wedding.


Do not save over the food and wine. Be generous and keep it simple. Enjoy!

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