It’s all about the budget

December 15, 2019

We all will agree that spending money is stressful. And more stressful will be spending even more.Putting together a budget takes quite a bit of work and time. When planning a budget EVERYTHING must be fitted in. Well now, the question “what is everything” must be figured out. The role of the wedding planner will clear that path for you. You might think that a wedding planner will exceed your wedding budget but at the end of the day is an investment and its absolutely worth taking. 

The budget of every wedding is an indication of every expense that the couple can expect to come across when planning their wedding. What makes a wedding budget so complicated is that there are a lot of expenses that couples don’t think about. You might know that the invitation costs money, but no one will remember to add the postage for the invitation or the reply cards. You may know that you must pay for the food and the beverages, flowers, attire, and the other obvious expenses, but there are some items that an untrained person might forget. These expenses can blow a good budget out of the water. 

So, the objective of every professional planner will be to advise for every single expense that will encounter.

There are three necessary items for planning a correct wedding budget: an accurate guest list, knowing who is paying for what, and a list of priorities. Once you know your ideal budget, priorities, and what things cost in the area where you are having your wedding, you can begin plugging in numbers in you budget spreadsheet. This will be an estimate of the wedding budget. You must be on top of every expense and expect last minutes alterations. EVERYTHING needs to be counted.

If you are not able to think and act like a planner then you should definitely hire one! 
You only need to relax and get married.

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