Videography & Photography

November 26, 2019
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In destinations weddings, videography is increasing in popularity every year, though it’s still not as popular as photography. However, the majority of couples who choose not to hire a wedding videographer will wish they had done so afterward.

Modern technology has advanced the quality of the equipment dramatically and the end product is a lavish, well-edited and professional product that couples will be proud of and keen to view again and again. Most couples will rank wedding videography much lower on their lists than other wedding day essentials; however, failing to find the cash to fund one may be a decision they regret later.

Photographers get booked up well in advance.  Photographs are arguably one of the most important elements of the day. Spending a little more to get exactly what you want at the expense of something less important may be the right call, and we can guarantee that in ten years you will be pleased that you did.