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Destination Rethymno

Our small but extraordinary town, which bears a remarkable resemblance to Venice, with its picturesque Venetian Port, the Ancient Castle and the historical Old Town, lies as a precious gem in the middle of the island of Crete. It was founded by the Minoans who are credited as being the first civilization in Europe, then occupied by the Romans, the Venetians and the Ottomans. The old part of the town, which is the most well-preserved Renaissance town in Greece, combines in perfect harmony the remains of all these civilizations: Venetian palazzi, Turkish homes with wooden balconies and a well preserved Fortezza with orthodox churches and a huge mosque surrounded by its big walls.

Rethymno has something for everybody – significant archaeological sites, some of Crete's finest beaches, imposing gorges, historical monasteries, impressive landscapes full of olive trees and vineyards, delightful food and hundreds more unique characteristics which make it a distinctive Mediterranean destination.

Imagine breathtaking sunsets, idyllic sandy seashores in a carefree ambiance and hospitable settings for the most romantic day of your lifetime – an absolutely unforgettable experience!

*** Rethymno has no airport of its own, but it is easily accessible by car from Heraklion (80km away) and Chania (56km away).

Rethymno is the perfect place to…

… Sail around 
Are you ready to experience the most romantic adventure? Explore the beaches and the untouched nature of the small islands around Crete by sailing with a private chartered yacht. 

… Fly above 
Soar above the picturesque landscapes of Crete on an unforgettable helicopter or small plane flight and enjoy incredible aerial views of the island.

… Dive into the Deep
Add a once in a life time experience in your wedding & honeymoon vacations, by discovering the exciting underwater world of northern and southern Rethymno.