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Weddings are the Ideal place to find love!

Love is all around you and this is highly contagious! According to the findings of a recent survey, weddings are the right place to meet someone really special. In fact, 50% of the single guests have a good chance to experience a romantic encounter with someone while celebrating someone else's nuptials. And we’re not just talking about casual encounters. Many of these wedding hookups turn into real, everlasting love!  

Whether it's the romance in the air from the happy newlyweds, the free-flowing booze, or the formal wear (or a healthy combo of them all), your chances to find a catch are surprisingly high at weddings.

The survey, which was conducted on 1.000 people, showed that:

  • 38% have exchanged phone numbers with someone at a wedding
  • 16% have made out with someone at a wedding/on the dance floor
  • 15% went home with someone they met at a wedding
  • 10% are in/have had a serious relationship with someone they met at a wedding
  • 5% married someone that they met at a wedding

The numbers don't lie, and they're telling us there's definitely hope for singles seeking a little bit of romance. So, if two of your single pals get together at your wedding and end up walking down the aisle, you can totally take the credit for this union.

And don’t forget to send the link of this article to all your single friends. They will love it!